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The first element must be adhered to is the original . Each option provides two possibilities for the output of an asset at a specified time frame . The traders usually tends toward specialization in a particular asset , or a particular type of asset , as a result of previous experience in the market. The familiarity rolling originally connected to the level of comfort and understanding of traffic patterns that can be experienced by the parent usually. However, there are possibilities of countless available to all traders , and if profitable opportunity appeared one can easily be exploited by large to enter the appropriate option in this asset. And provides easy access to trading bonds changing the ability to diversify the portfolio , and this is the basic principle of successful risk management .
Rolling needs , for the moment choose to parent, to determine several important aspects of bilateral desirable option . This specification defines the option contract , which consists of the following criteria :
The time of the end of lifespan : the exact time is determined to end the life span of each option listed on the trading platform ” X or options ,” and available for trading. This is essential in the transaction , where the output is determined most of the options at this time ( can be achieved physically touch options before the end of lifespan If you are accessing the target price ). The time of the end of lifespan is the time at which the transaction is settled , and the distribution of funds between the broker and rolling . Usually be allowed to trade until a few minutes before the end of the lifespan , time to stop all the amendments.
Prediction: The biggest goal of binary options trading is expected output at the end of lifespan properly. As binary options have only two outcomes are two possible routes , the process is easy to all traders to succeed . If the option is expected output properly it is considered a valuable option , rolling and achieve profitable.
Contract Size : Each option traded contract , and the amount of money wagered by the client is the size of the contract. The contract size is the basis for the exchange of money as the end of the lifespan . And determines so much the amount of profit realized as a result of opening a successful transaction , or that Only 34 rolling by Only 34 company prediction for output option . This means that risk as much as specified , and that traders can keep stable money management strategy in their portfolio. “Provides options X or ” clients pricing yield a whopping 89% of the options is successful.
The parties must , as in any contract commitment , they came together again after completing all the terms of the agreement , and define the final results . After the end of the lifespan of the option Only 34 contract becomes complete , and therefore it becomes necessary to achieve the results of the deal. When a trader enters an option, and succeed in the forecast , it receives the basic amount wagered , in addition to the profit level that has been agreed upon at the opening of the transaction ( the percentage is determined for each option before opening the deal).
Example: If the profit level was 89%, and gave a client $ 100 in option ” purchase ” was successful at the time of end-of- the client will receive a $ 100 basic paid, Only 34 in addition to $ 89 the gain resulting from the transaction. Any value of the customer ‘s account will be $ 189 dollars as end of the lifespan .